5 Common Newbie Photography Mistakes to Avoid


We are not perfect. If you are new to photography, chances are that you are going to mess up. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel down. All photographers, including me, make mistakes. To help you out, I have listed below some common mistakes that beginners make.

1 – Covering the sky

Make sure the horizon line is not in the center of the image. In other words, your pictures should have only 30% sky and the rest should be the objects that you want to the viewer of your photos to focus on.

2 – Unwanted objects

Sometimes, you capture something in the frame that’s not important at all, such as a light post or bush. Make sure you don’t capture anything distracting in your photos. This is possible only if you focus your attention on the camera. You shouldn’t be distracted.

3 – Cutting things off

Have you seen a photo where the feet or toes of the person are not visible? I am sure you have. Newbies make this mistake quite often. Make sure you focus on the subject ensuring that the fit in the frame from head to toe.

4 – Relying on your camera only

Just because you own a high-end camera doesn’t mean your photos will be amazing. You still need to know the rules. Make sure you read up on proper composition and the art to take good photos.

5 – Not considering the background

Consider the background when shooting with your camera. Is there are a tree coming out of the head of the subject? If so, move a bit left or right to ensure there is nothing inappropriate on the subject.

So, make sure you consider these things when using your camera to take photos. This will help you get a lot better photos as you will avoid these common but major mistakes.