Predictions About the Future of Photography


Where do you see photography in a few years or decades? According to experts, given below are 10 predictions about what the photography will become in a few decades.

Weird sensors

In the future, cameras will feature extremely powerful sensors, and the resolution will be in hundreds of MP. ISOs will also be really sensitive for better response at night. Just imagine how powerful the sensors will be and how big the photos will be.

Camera Sizes

Future cameras will be flat and won’t have any moving component. How will they allow you to zoom in? Only time will tell.


Nowadays, cameras are expensive, but in a few years, they won’t be. As a result, there will be more photographers, which will be good for photojournalism.

Closer integration

Scientists will be able to make cameras part of contact lenses. So, you won’t need to hold the cameras in your hands for taking photos.

Smart cameras

It will be possible for you to control your camera with your eye movements. And a few decades later, maybe your brain waves will be enough to do the same job. My friend Anatoli, who in my opinion is the best wedding photographer Syracuse has to offer, is already working with one of these cameras and he loves it. 

Other energy solutions

Future cameras may produce their own power through solar panels or other media.


The 3D holographic technology will make it possible to project images as holograms.

Smarter apps

Programs will automatically edit photos for you, thus making it easier for you to edit thousands of photos without spending any time.

Vintage cameras

Soon, DSLRs will be on the list of vintage technologies. We will have far better cameras than now.

So, these are some predictions about the cameras of future. Only time will tell what will actually happen down the road. But we can definitely say that the future cameras will be far more powerful than the ones we have today.